Hope Solo Delivers Major Life Update in Wake of DWI and Child Abuse Arrest

Hope Solo just announced a major life update following her DWI and child abuse arrest. The 40-year-old soccer star pleaded guilty to driving while impaired with her 2-year-old twins in the car, according to the New York Post. Following the guilty plea. Solo took to Instagram to reveal how "destructive" alcohol has become for her. 

"It's been a long road, but I'm slowly coming back from taking time off," Solo wrote in the post. "I pride myself in motherhood and what my husband and I have done day in and day out for over two years throughout the pandemic with two-year-old twins. While I'm proud of us, it was incredibly hard and I made a huge mistake. Easily the worst mistake of my life. I underestimated what a destructive part of my life alcohol had become."

On March 31, Solo was found passed out behind the wheel of a running car with her children in the backseat at a North Carolina Walmart. She went to the Hope Valley treatment facility and worked with Bille Lawson. Solo went on to "thank all the wonderful women I met during my time at the Hope Valley treatment facility and specifically to my counselor, Billie Lawson."

Solo continued: "The women at Hope Valley are true leaders in their professions, filled with knowledge and insight on how to live a more healthy life balanced with kindness, empathy, tough love and understanding. Their no-nonsense way of leading is a leadership style I have always admired and respected." Along with thanking Lawson and Hope Valley, Solo thanked her husband, mother and her fans for their support. 

"I want to thank my beautifully strong husband for supporting me through this in so many meaningful ways and my mom for being there for us, always," Solo stated. "I want to thank all the friends who showed me support and also the ones who pushed me to take the hardest steps. I want to thank my fans. The stories you shared and your faith in me meant a great deal."


Solo was handed down an active sentence of 30 days and a suspended sentence of 24 months. She was also fined $2,500 plus a $600 fee for the lab tests. Solo received 30 days credit for the time she spent at an in-patient rehabilitation center and was ordered to undergo a substance abuse assessment.