Daytona 500: Some Fans Blaming Donald Trump for Ryan Newman Crash

Following Ryan Newman's terrifying crash at the 2020 Daytona 500, some race fans are blaming Donald Trump for the incident. Taking to social media, a few NASCAR viewers chided the U.S. President and laid the fault of the crash at his feet, with one tweeting, "Ryan Newman is a huge Trump supporter. S— like this happens when one supports the anti-Christ. No what I mean? #Karma #Dayton500." Some else added, "That's what happens if [Donald Trump] uses [the DAYTONA 500] as one of his rallys. [Ryan Newman] in a critical condition after his [Daytona 500 crash]. Just as Trump will crash the US economy with an out of control [National Debt]."

"I never even thought about it like this. Orange Man shows up at Daytona 500 and this poor driver almost died because of it. Clearly this wouldn't have happened if Trump wasn't using Daytona 500 as a campaign rally! Hopefully Nascar learns to keep Trump away for driver safety!" commented someone else.

However, not everyone agrees with this viewpoint, as others have come forward to criticize the stance. "I detest Trump like millions of others, but saying #RyanJNewman's #NASCAR crash is somehow his fault is just beyond stupid," tweeted one fan.

"Twisted, illogical thinking," another said, responding to a Trump critic. "This happens in racing. Period. Nothing whatsoever related to politics caused this or affected it. Move on...nothing to see here."

Trump was the grand marshal of the 2020 Daytona 500, and made an appearance at the race on Sunday, ahead of its postponement due to rain delay. The race resumed on Monday afternoon, with Newman's terrible crash taking place during the final lap of overtime.


At this time, no specifics have been given regarding Newman's injuries. In a statement, NASCAR indicated that they are not life threatening, but Newman is still said to be in serious condition.