Danica Patrick Sends Birthday Message to Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers's birthday has arrived and his girlfriend, former NASCAR star Danica Patrick, had a special message for him. Rodgers turned 36 on Dec. 2 and Patrick showed him some love on her Instagram account. In the post, Patrick sent a long message to Rodgers and she posted a photo of the two together at the beach.

"Happy birthday to my best friend and favorite person in the world!!!!! You are the one I want to tell my best and worst days to first," Patrick wrote. "I am so grateful the universe made you!!! The star dust started it all, but you have done nothing but make it better every year of your life. Thank you for being the loving, generous, thoughtful, patient, fun, funny, spontaneous, talented, smart, and uber attractive man, that I get to walk through life with.

"This journey we are on.... it’s a really really good one. I love you. Happiest of birthdays yet!!!!!!"

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Rodgers has yet to respond to Patrick's post but there were a number of fans that showed both of them love and support in her comments section. One fan wrote, "You made me cry buckets. Thanks a lot, Danica. And I have no tissues next to me. What a slobbering mess!"'

Another fan wants Patrick and Rodgers to get married as soon as possible. The Instagram user wrote, "I hope you two Get married and have a whole bunch of super athlete children."

"You two are the best!! Have fun celebrating the awesome man he is!!" another fan wrote.

It has been a good birthday for Rodgers as he led the Green Bay Packers to a 31-13 win over the New York Giants on Sunday. Rodgers threw four touchdown passes in the win, but he knows the team has a lot of room to improve.


"We've got to go out and put good performances together and improve," Rodgers said per ESPN. "I think that's the thing, is we have to get that mojo going all the time and start to expect to win games -- and start to expect to win games against great opponents, and expect to win games against opponents with not as great a record."

In the meantime, Rodgers will enjoy his birthday with Patrick. The two have been dating since January 2018, and they have been going on strong ever since. And fans will get a treat soon as Patrick will have Rodgers on as a guest on her podcast.