Atlanta Hawks' Chandler Parsons Allegedly Suffers Major Brain Injury After Being Hit by Drunk Driver

Chandler Parsons career is in jeopardy following a serious car crash. The Atlanta Hawks forward was involved in a three-car crash as a result of a drunk driver. The collision has left Parsons dealing with some serious injuries, including one to his brain.

His lawyer provided some clarity in an interview with PEOPLE, explaining that the injuries his client experienced are "multiple severe and permanent injuries including a traumatic brain injury, disc herniation and a torn labrum."

As a result, his NBA career is in question as he may not be able to make a full recovery to step onto a hardwood court again. Pictures of the accident were recovered as his Rolls-Royce was seen battered on the side.

"Chandler was in peak physical condition at the time of the wreck," the statement read. "He is now working with a team of doctors to regain his health, and at this time, his ability to return to play is unclear."

The accident occurred last week. At the time, not much had gotten about his condition but it didn't appear that his injuries were career-threatening at the time. He was said to have experienced a concussion and whiplash, but now is dealing with more serious ramifications.


His lawyer said that Parsons "is having a difficult time accepting the consequences of the defendant's reckless conduct on the roadway." They will worry about their court dealings later on with their main focus being on Parsons and his recovery. The statement from Morgan and Morgan said that Parsons is "now working with a team of doctors to regain his health."

The 31-year old broke into the NBA in 2011 as the 38th overall pick by the Houston Rockets after being a star player at the University of Florida. Over his career, Parsons has suited up for four teams, with stops in Dallas and Memphis before signing with Atlanta this past offseason. He signed a four-year, $96 million deal with the Hawks.