Antonio Brown Gets Roasted After Asking Twitter When He Should Return to the NFL

Antonio Brown has a meeting scheduled with the league on Thursday, which will play a significant role in his NFL future. However, the 31-year-old isn't waiting for mid-week to find out whether or not he will be back. Instead, he is taking matters into his own fingers with a poll on social media. Sunday morning, Brown told his fans to weigh in about his future, saying "retweet if u want me back in @NFL like if I should wait til 2020 !!!!!"

When he posted this message, he appeared to be looking for a massive number of retweets, thus proving that football fans want him back in the very near future. However, Brown was instead met with far more likes than retweets. As of noon on Sunday afternoon, this post only had 12,200 retweets and 17,295 likes.

To make the situation far more interesting, the responses to Brown's post were less than positive. Football fans were instead trying to make it very clear that they don't want the former New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers receiver in the league this year, next year, or even 30 years down the road.

"Like this if he should retire and have a new job at the circus," one user wrote in response to Brown.

Another mentioned Brown's previous posts on Twitter, writing "But two days ago you said and I quote 'f the NFL.'"

As the comments showed, the overwhelming response to Brown was negative as many fans called for him to stop posting on social media and to get some mental help. Others simply requested that the receiver take a year away from football and try to focus on himself instead of holding grudges.

"That ain't happening fam, you blew it, you have issues bigger than football. Wish you the best!!!" one user wrote to further prove this point.

While many football fans wanted to have some fun at Brown's expense, there were a few that wanted to remind him of a different factor. Specifically, this poll won't actually play a role in Brown's future. The league and the pending investigation will ultimately determine if he makes a return to the football field in 2019 or 2020.


ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Sunday morning that the veteran receiver is expected to miss the regular season and shouldn't be back in action until 2020, but that could certainly change in the coming days. Until he meets with the league, however, Brown will test the proverbial waters on Twitter with his poll.

(Photo Credit: David Santiago/Miami Herald/Tribune News Service/Getty)