Watch: AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan Brawl in Mr. McMahon's Office in Hilarious Money in the Bank Moment

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced WWE to find more unique ways to entertain wrestling fans due to holding the majority of events in an empty training center. They achieved this recently when superstars AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan crashed into Vince McMahon's office. They were in the middle of a brawl and fought through the wrong door.

Bryan knocked his opponent into the door, which led into it opening. He shoved Styles against the desk, and they continued to fight. Neither superstar noticed McMahon sitting in his chair until he spun around and stood up. They both immediately stopped fighting and simply stared until the WWE head screamed, "Out!" They promptly straightened the office's chairs and then shuffled out of the room to continue their fight in a different area.

While WWE holds the majority of WWE events at the Performance Center in Orlando, the ladder matches at Money in the Bank took place in Stamford, Connecticut. They were filmed at Titan Towers, the home of WWE. The ring was on the roof of Titan Towers, but the superstars had to fight their way to the top to compete in the actual Money in the Bank ladder match. This setup led to several brawls in the office building, as well as cameos.

When fans heard that the event would take place at headquarters, they hoped that McMahon's office would be a fixture. They were not left disappointed with the result. There were several factors of the fight that entertained fans and led them to proclaim that this was one of the best moments of the show.

First, they thought it was funny that McMahon was wearing jeans. He has traditionally been a "suit guy" but was more relaxed during this brief cameo. Viewers also appreciated the emphasis put on properly using hand sanitizer. McMahon made sure to cover every spot on his hands, including between the fingers.


"Lmfao this is great congratulations to @WWE for a great show all things considered. I'm cant stop laughing at @VinceMcMahon thank you for entertaining all of us. #MITB," one wrestling fan wrote after watching the fight. Others commented about how they were both "amazed" and entertained by seeing McMahon's office.