'Survivor' Sends Home First Castaway After Tribal Council Vote

Jessica Peet is the first castaway to be eliminated on Survivor: David vs. Goliath.After Pat [...]

Jessica Peet is the first castaway to be eliminated on Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

After Pat Cusack of the Goliath Tribe was sent home last week following a crippling back injury during the boat ride back from the immunity challenge, the time for the first tribal council of the season was much overdo during Wednesday's episode of the CBS show.

After a total blowout over the David tribe in the immunity challenge, the Goliath tribe enjoyed a night off, during which they dealt with power dynamics and showmances that are sure to rear their ugly heads later in the season.

In the David camp, things had been going well until they were forced to decide the plan for the night's vote. The majority of the tribe wanted to eliminate Lyrsa Torres as a "weak" competitor right off the bat, but the airline agent wasn't laying down dead so easily, bringing up her vital part in the tribe's week one win.

"I'm very pissed off that they think I'm the weak person here, and I'm not!" she said.

Along with Gabby Pascuzzi and Elizabeth Olson, she began to start a counter-vote movement to take out Jessica, whose friendship with various members of the tribe made her a daunting, yet valuable, pillar to topple.

"At least on the surface, our tribe appears to be getting along well," Christian Hubicki told the cameras of the upcoming vote. "But suddenly, we have to pick the scab off all of the boiling blood beneath the surface. The question is, how crazy is it gonna be?"

It was unclear where most people stood going into the first tribal council of the season, but it was clear the Davids were starting to wear thin with one another. When Lyrsa brought up her frustration with being in everyone's mind for elimination, Jessica clapped back saying she hadn't been playing the game in a way that earned her the right to stay.

"I think your way of the game is to wait until the tribal council to start playing, and if that's the way you're playing the game, you need to recheck yourself, because this game is a game for $1 million, and you better play like it," she said. "Because if not, your name is gonna be the one that's up there and you're gonna be really disappointed."

In the end, four people cast their vote for Lyrsa and five for Jessica in a shockingly close vote. Everyone looked shocked to see her go, and makes clear that there's more division in the David Tribe than they let on.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

Photo credit: CBS