Tamra Judge Updates Husband's Health Ahead of Third Heart Procedure

Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge has provided an update on the health of her husband, ahead of his third heart procedure.

Tamra's spouse, Eddie Judge, will be undergoing another invasive heart surgery known as an "ablation" due to suffering from Atrial fibrillation. This will be his third ablation, but he has actually had a number of other procedures as well.

"He's had, now, six heart procedures. Two invasive heart procedures, which would be the ablation, where they go in through the groin and through the vein in the neck and kind of cauterize the parts of the heart that are not beating properly and where the problem areas are. And then, you have to stay on medication," Tamra exclusively told Entertainment Tonight.

"He's been on heart medication, beta blockers, blood thinners for nine months now," she added. "Then you have wait three months to see if it worked. So, it's a process."

More commonly known as AFib, Atrial fibrillation is an irregular and rapid heart rate that results in poor blood circulation and flow. Tamra revealed that there are times when Eddie's heart rate increases so much that he wakes up feeling as if he just finished sprinting across a football field.

"He'll be sitting on the couch sometimes and be like… [Tamra clutches her chest to imitate Eddie's reactions] ...And I'm like, 'Is this the big one? Do I need to call?!' I freak out," she confessed. "And he's like, 'My heart's freaking out. I don't know.' And he'll just lay on the ground or something and take deep breaths."

Eddie's diagnosis has been a surprise for both the couple and their doctors, as Eddie is an extremely active and fit person. "It got to the point where, you know, he's getting older and now it's he can't work out,” Tamra said.

"I mean, this is my 46-year-old husband! I'm like, why? He's fit! What is going on? But this is not totally uncommon with cyclists, and we're finding that out more and more … just any kind of endurance athlete," she continued.

"They pump so much blood through their heart. So, it causes problems and... I mean, I don't know all the medical terms. But, a few of his other cyclist friends have had it," Tamra explained. "Something, it comes and goes, where his is just persistent."

Even through the tough time, though, Tamra says that she and Eddie have a stonger bond than they ever have. "We've always been good," she stated.

Fans can catch Tamra on The Real Housewives of Orange County when it airs on Mondays on Bravo.