'Big Brother' Houseguests Get Emotional After Touching Messages From Home

Big Brother is nearing the end of the line, but the houseguest showed their sensitive side after [...]

Big Brother is nearing the end of the line, but the houseguest showed their sensitive side after receiving notes from family.

As the houseguests braced themselves for the latest veto competition, Wednesday's new episode of the reality series brought a heartwarming surprise for the houseguests in the form of video messages from their loving families.

"Houseguests, congratulations on making it to the final seven. It's been a long road so hopefully this helps with the rest of your journey," reigning Head of Household Kaycee Clark told her fellow houseguests before the video played.

"I'm so proud of you trying something new and challenging, again, all of your friends and family wish you the best and all our love," Angela Rummans' mom said in the touching tribute, as the camera showed Rummans getting emotional after seeing her parents.

"You're doing great, keep up the good work, I'll be out to see you soon," Angela's dad added in the sweet clip.

"82 days that I haven't seen or spoken to my parents," Rummans said in an on-camera interview. "Just knowing that they're proud of me and what I'm doing, they're with me every step of the way... it really means everything.

Brett Robinson's mom and sisters made an adorable appearance, telling them how proud they are of him, as well assessing with how he smells.

"I love and miss you very much and can't wait to see you again," his mom said.

Sam Bledsoe's parents and brother's appearance in the video brought tears to her eyes, as her family expressed their pride for her.

"I really needed that," Bledsoe said holding back tears. "To see them smiling and they love me, that made me feel so much better."

Tyler Crispen's mother and stepdad also expressed their joy for seeing him succeed on the show, as Crispen reflected on missing his late father.

"I miss my dad more than anything... just hearing those words from my mom, man... I know my dad is watching me and I'm doing it for him," he said also shedding a tear.

Clark's family also made an appearance, revealing that her cute nickname as a child was "Peanut."

"Im never going to hear the end of this, my dad is going to call me Peanut for the rest of my life," Clark said.

For JC Monduix, a friend popped in for a quick message of love, which made him reflect on his relationship with his family.

"It was weird to see all of us sitting there and like, the only one not seeing his family," Monduix told the camera. "Regina is a very good friend of mine but, I don't really have the closest relationship with my family and I miss them."

Haleigh Broucher also got a sweet message from her family, featuring her adorable cat.

"I'm so thankful for them," Broucher said, pledging to keep fighting to stay in the game.

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