Tom Cruise's Injury Shuts Down Production of 'Mission Impossible: 6'

The viral video that surfaced on the Internet this week showing Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise [...]

The viral video that surfaced on the Internet this week showing Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise sustaining an injury after leaping from one building and slamming into another is prompting Paramount and Skydance to temporarily shut down production on Missions Impossible 6.

The 55-year-old actor will be needing a minimum of nine weeks off to allow for his leg and other injuries to properly heal, according to Deadline.

In the video, which can be viewed here, it appears that the Oscar-nominated actor takes the brunt of the damage to his torso. However, word has been circulating that he possibly broke his foot or ankle in the jump.

The injury occurred while Cruise was filming in London. Reports are saying that Cruise tried to "leap too soon," which caused him to come up short of the distance between buildings.

Cruise is notorious for wanting to do his own highly-dangerous stunts. In previous films in the Mission Impossible franchise, he has hung on the outside of an Airbus 400 on takeoff (MI: Rogue Nation) and has swung around on a Dubai skyscraper 1700 (MI: Ghost Protocol) feet above the ground. On both of these previous stunts, Cruise managed to emerge unscathed.

He also did his own stunt in the recent reboot of The Mummy which included a plane crash in zero gravity, which he says took 64 takes to get right.

Given that there have been two stunt-related deaths in recent months - stuntman John Bernecker with The Walking Dead and Joi "SJ" Harris with Deadpool 2 - it's likely that Cruise's team will plead with him to not put himself at such risks in the future.

Mission: Impossible 6, starring Cruise, Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill, Alec Baldwin, and Michelle Monaghan, is slated to hit theaters July 27, 2018. Given Cruise's injury and the production halt, it's likely that the release for MI: 6 will be moving to a later date.