'Remember the Titans' Fans Sound off After Movie's Real-Life Inspiration, Herman Boone, Dies

Herman Boone, the T.C. Williams High School football head coach that gained national attention from the film Remember the Titans, passed away Wednesday at the age of 84. The news was released by the school's boosters and was later confirmed by the former school principal, John Porter.

This news caught many by surprise, especially those that adored the film and had been inspired by its message of community. They loved the character that had been portrayed by Denzel Washington and were saddened by Boone's passing.

"Condolences to the family of Coach Herman Boone," one fan wrote on Twitter. "Ever since I was little, I have loved Remember the Titans. So many good lessons in that movie. Thanks Coach!"

Fans of Remember the Titans headed to Twitter following the news and voiced their support for Boone's loved ones, as well as those that spent considerable time with him over the years. Others also made a guarantee that they would be sitting on the couch and watching the movie once again.

"Rough week for feel good football movies," one user wrote on social media, voicing a common sentiment. Others were very concerned about the trend that is taking place. Specifically, they couldn't believe that both James "Radio" Kennedy and Coach Boone had passed away within days of each other. They wanted to know if this meant that Rudy actor Sean Astin was in danger.

Boone took an integrated group of players from three area schools to the state championship title in 1971, which is the season that served as the inspiration for the 2000 film starring Washington that has grossed more than $136 million worldwide. The Titans finished the year undefeated at 13–0, all while posting a 357-45 scoring differential during the year and holding nine separate teams to zero points.

As multiple users explained on Wednesday, Remember the Titans was and is their favorite movie. It would not have been possible without Coach Boone. Having him pass away on Wednesday only meant that they would need to kick back and watch the film once again. Although some fans said their VHS tape had been completely worn down, so they would need to track down another copy.


(Photo Credit: Buena Vista/Getty)