Kelly Rowland Returning for 4th 'Merry Liddle Christmas' Movie

Kelly Rowland is getting into the holiday spirit with Lifetime's "It's a Wonderful Lifetime" annual holiday programming campaign again. The Destiny's Child staple has starred in the Merry Liddle Christmas franchise since 2019. So far, three films have been released over three years, with a fourth on the way. And the Grammy-award-winning singer isn't just starring in the forthcoming film, but she's also serving as an executive producer.

"The Liddle Christmas story has literally become a big part of my own family's Christmas. I love sitting with my family and friends to watch the films, and I am always happy to get back on set with these amazing actors who have become family," Rowland said in an official press release regarding the project. "To wear two hats as executive producer and actress is always challenging and exciting. I cannot wait for everyone to see the next beautiful adventure."

In Merry Liddle Christmas Vacation, the gang is all back, and with Jacquie (Rowland) and Tyler (Thomas Cadrot) as new parents of twins celebrating their wedding anniversary, the twins' birthday, and the holiday, chaos will ensue. Per an official logline: "This holiday season, the Liddle family is back together again, and ready to spend the holidays at a beautiful resort. Hoping to create new Christmas traditions, the Liddles are gathered to celebrate Jacquie and Tyler's wedding anniversary and the twins' birthday. But their holiday vacation is far from paradise with tensions mounting with Jacquie feeling Tyler is prioritizing his work over their family. Meanwhile Treena and Julian struggle to balance time with each other as Kiara and Chris navigate raising Kiara's son. Marchelle and Wade are determined to keep Liddle Christmas traditions alive, even far from their homes, and despite the chaos of the season, the Liddles find a deeper understanding of each other, and all their small blessings complete their big Liddle Family."

Merry Liddle Christmas followed Jacquie and Tyler first meeting and falling in love. The follow-up, Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding, chronicled everything leading up to their holiday-themed wedding. Merry Liddle Christmas Baby showed fans the family becoming first-time parents together, as Jacquie got adjusted to being a stepmom to Tyler's two children from a previous marriage.