'A Christmas Prince 3' Gets Green Light at Netflix

The holiday gifts are coming way early this year, as it's been announced A Christmas Prince 3 has been given the greenlight by Netflix.

According to ET Online, a source close to the production of the film has said that it will premiere this upcoming holiday season.

The outlet notes that rumors of a new Christmas Prince film began to swirl earlier this month with residents of Romania — where the first two films were shot — noticing that Peles Castle, which was a setting for the other movies, was inexplicably decorated for Christmas.

The first Christmas Prince film debuted on Netflix in November 2017, and starred Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Tom Knight, Sarah Douglas, Daniel Fathers, Alice Krige and Tahirah Sharif.

A sequel titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding was released in November 2018 for the most recent holiday season, and brought back most all of the original cast.

The first film is about a journalist who goes undercover to get the scoop on a new prince who is meant to take mover the throne after his father passed away. Romantic high-jinks ensue, and the two of them end up falling in love with one another.

The second film picks up one year later and focuses on the couple planning their impending royal wedding.

Both films have been somewhat controversial, with many claiming to watch them because they're so bad that they beg to be seen, and others defending them as quality films simply because they see them as intentionally cheesy and sweet.

Karen Schaler, who co-wrote the first Christmas Prince, previously spoke to ET about the film and the audience response, saying that she was thrilled with how people had flocked to the movie.


“I love all the feedback. I love the ones like, ‘This is so bad it’s good and I have to watch it 20 more times.’ I was dying,” she admitted. “Even the people who thought it was corny and ridiculous seemed to enjoy it and watch it. People loved picking on the poor little Christmas Prince, but all I said was, ‘Thank you for watching and I appreciate it all. Keep the comments coming.’ ”

At this time, A Christmas Prince 3 does not have an announced premiere date.