Kanye West Leaves Restaurant Without Kim Kardashian, Accompanied By Female Companion

On Tuesday night, Kanye West was spotted leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles without his wife Kim Kardashian. The "Fade" rapper was actually seen with a blond-haired female companion at his side.

The 39-year-old musician was rocking a casual outfit with a light gray hoodie, camo pants, and high top boots. Most noticeably, Kanye was still rocking the blond buzz cut. Judging by the photos, Kanye was in a somber mood as he refrained from smiling as the group walked away from the restaurant.

See the photos here.

The night before Kanye and his group of pals went out for dinner, he was seen getting off a private jet with Kim, and their two children: 3-year-old North and 1-year-old Saint. The West family was returning home after visiting Kanye's mother's burial place.

It was the first time that Kim and the children saw the gravesite, according to TMZ.

Despite what it may have looked like when Kanye went to dinner with Kim, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star returned to social media to show the world that their marriage is strong as ever.

Kim Kardashian made her triumphant comeback to Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday night while Kanye was busy chowing down with friends. One of the reality star's posts was a 2 minute and 18 second video with a montage of home video clips that featured Kim and Kanye's famous family.

Provided that there have been rumors circulating in the media lately that Kim and Kanye are possibly looking at getting a divorce, the video seemingly put to rest all the speculation. However, Kim and Kanye have undoubtedly been going through a tumultuous period in their relationship. Kanye was hospitalized for an emotional breakdown in November, and a month before, Kim was robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

One incident that ignited divorce rumors on Tuesday was when Kim removed the name "West" from her social medial handles.

What are your thoughts about Kanye eating out without Kim Kardashian?

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