Watch WWE Star Chris Jericho Perform An Impromptu Duet On 'Whose Line'

During last night's episode of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' on the CW, 6-time WWE champion Chris [...]

During last night's episode of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" on the CW, 6-time WWE champion Chris Jericho performed an impromptu duet with Wayne Brady and "Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles: Out of The Shadows" actor Gary Anthony Williams.

The song was all about Chris Jericho, and had to be performed in the genre of "stadium rock." Before the trio belted out the tune, Wayne Brady asked 45-year-old Jericho, "If you had to describe yourself in one adjective, what would it be?"

"Sensitive," Jericho responded as the audience laughed.

As the intro piano riff opened the song, Brady began by ad-libbing the lines, "There's a man who gets hysterical/ He goes by the name of Chris Jericho." He continued, "When babies cry, when the butterfly flies/ He gets a little tear in his eyes."

The trio then erupted in a chorus singing the word "sensitive," as Jericho would echo the lines after Brady. In the second verse of the hilarious tune, Brady sang, "Now sometimes when he takes you to the mat, and you hear a crack/ And there's a bone and it's poking out your s***/ He'll even call the paramedic for you, cause that's how sensitive he is."

The song continued on with several more verses as the audience laughed at the ridiculous skit. At the end of the tune, Jericho theatrically marched offstage still singing the word "sensitive" and clapping along with the backing band.

Jericho also joined in for another skit on the show called "Props with Wayne, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mocherie," where he portrayed a jigsaw puzzle piece, a dolphin and some other outlandish objects.

The full episode is available to stream at the CW Seed.

What do you think? Should Chris Jericho maybe stick to wrestling instead of singing?