Thomas Rhett Proudly Supports the Cause Lauren Akins Is Most Passionate About

When Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins tied the knot in 2012, Rhett was just getting started in the music business, which means Akins was with him from his humble beginnings to his long list of No. 1 songs and sold-out shows. While Akins has supported Rhett throughout his entire career, Rhett also supports her as well, especially with her passion for the Love One International non-profit, which provides medical care for children in Uganda, where their oldest daughter, Willa Gray, was born.

"In any relationship when your spouse, or whatever, is passionate about something you feel that differently," Rhett shared with his record label. "And you want to do everything in your complete power to make sure that that passion comes to fruition. That's what she did for me. That's what I’ve done for her."

Rhett's name might be the one in lights, while Akins serves on the Love One International Board of Directors, but the "Beer Can't Fix" singer insists they are both involved in each other's passions.

"It's really, really cool now," Rhett said. "Even though she's not in the music business, she kind of is, in a way. And even though I'm not in the Love One business or the philanthropic business, I am in a way because we both are partners and team and that's been really cool just to kind of look back on our marriage and go, 'I feel like we've done a good job at really just supporting each other and encouraging each other.'"

Akins fondly remembered Rhett's humble beginnings last year, when she presented him with the CMT Artists of the Year trophy.

"When Thomas Rhett started out, I remember sharing a bunk with him on the tour bus, and let me tell you, it is a tight squeeze in that bunk," Akins shared from stage. "But it might not have been that bad, except there were ten other guys on that bus too. Spending 180 nights on the road, he's away a lot, but even when we weren't there with him, he kept his family in his heart, and in his music.

"Now we're walking red carpets together and coming to nights like this," she continued. "I wouldn't change anything, because my husband gets to do something that very few people can: live his dream, follow his passion, and do the thing that I know God created him to do."


Rhett and Akins are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their third daughter any day now. Akins had previously hoped she would go into labor before her due date, which was Feb. 3.

Photo Credit: Getty / Jeff Kravitz