Kane Brown Previews New Song 'Nothing 'Bout Loving You I'd Change'

Kane Brown gave fans a taste of new music on Wednesday, uploading an Instagram video of himself [...]

Kane Brown gave fans a taste of new music on Wednesday, uploading an Instagram video of himself singing along to one of his new songs, seemingly titled "Nothing 'Bout Loving You I'd Change." "Now it's champagne kissing while I spin you 'round the kitchen / It's as good as good is getting kind of thing," the chorus read as Brown mouthed the lyrics and danced along.

"Now it's Sunday morning tangled up / Under covers making love / In rhythm with the tin roof rain / There ain't nothing, nothing, nothing 'bout loving you I'd change." "Nothing bout loving you I'd change," the 27-year-old captioned the clip, encouraging his followers to "blow this up I'll preview another one tomorrow. we ready for 2021." He made good on that promise on his Instagram Story on Thursday, sharing a clip of a song about raising a child with his partner, likely inspired by his wife Katelyn and daughter Kingsley.

In 2020, Brown released his EP Mixtape Vol. 1, which will likely be followed by a full album sometime this year. He has continually teased new music to fans, and revealed last year that he and Katelyn recorded a duet together titled "Mad at This World."

"She was a pop singer and she put singing on hold and then we had the baby," Brown told PopCulture.com. "We've been talking about doing a song together and then we just heard this song come in that was perfect for us. I thought it was a beautifully written song. And so we're just excited to get that up, kind of release it to the fans. I tell her that she's my secret weapon."

During an interview on Sirius XM's The Highway, he compared "Mad at This World" to his recent single "Worldwide Beautiful." "It's basically a song calling out everything else that's happened in 2020, from the tornadoes destroying Nashville, California getting hit by those fires, and all of that," he said. "It's basically saying, 'How could I be mad at this world when this world gave me you?'"

Brown's upcoming project will likely include collaborations with other artists — the singer has previously collaborated with a wide range of musicians including John Legend, Marshmello, Swae Lee and Khalid.

"The song, it definitely needs to be right," Brown told PopCulture.com of collaborating with artists outside of country music. "The right collaboration. But we used to be worried about that before, in the past, and now I think we've established some country music too. We're not going anywhere. We'll always have singles for you before anybody else. But we decided to expand our brand and connect fan bases with other people's fan bases."