Luke Bryan Gets Taken Down by 'Trailer Trash Tammy' During Wife Caroline's '12 Days of Prankmas'

Every year, Luke Bryan's wife, Caroline, organizes the "12 Days of Prankmas" with her family, and this year the first victim was Bryan's mom, LeClaire. On Friday, Caroline shared the first installment of this year's prankmas, posting a video of herself, Bryan and comedians Chelcie Lynn and Officer Daniels teaming up to pull one over on LeClaire.

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Lynn is a comedian who created a character named Trailer Trash Tammy, and she often creates content with Daniels, who creates law-enforcement related content. To prank LeClaire, the group cast Tammy as an obsessed fan, who spotted the singer as he was standing with his mom.

In the video shared by Caroline, Bryan and LeClaire were outside talking when they were approached by Lynn, in character as Tammy. "Mama, that's that girl," Bryan says in a worried voice before beginning to run away, only to be followed by Tammy. She chases after him and quickly tackles him to the ground and screams, "I just wanna hug you!"

LeClaire waves for help and Officer Daniels runs over, followed by Caroline, who began yelling at Tammy after LeClaire and Officer Daniels had pried her off of Bryan. Soon, the jig was up as Bryan told his mom, "Mama, 12 days of prankmas."

At that point, LeClaire promptly collapsed on the grass. "Are you okay?" her son asked. "Don't you ever do that again!" she told him.

"Here we go...Day 1! 'Trashy Tammy Takedown,'" Caroline captioned the post. "sorry [LeClaire] we had to get you!! Don’t think we’ll ever top this one. Thank you to [Chelcie] [Officer Daniels] [Michael Monoco] y’all were awesome!!"

Previous years have seen Caroline prank her family with fart machines, airhorns, nail polish-painted soap and more, and Bryan has gotten her back just as often, including a prank last year in which he scared his wife with a fake snake.

In a post, Caroline shared a videos of herself finding the snake in the couch cushions, as well as several clips of other family members discovering the crawly creature around the house.


"Snake prank. Not funny. AT. ALL," Caroline wrote. "I’m terrified of snakes...they got me...but we had a little fun after I picked my heart up off the floor."

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