Canaan Smith Says New Baby Girl, Virginia Rose Is 'Perfect Inside and Out'

Singer Canaan Smith and his wife, Christy, became parents to their first child, a girl named Virginia Rose, last week. The singer, who chose to wait to find out the gender of their baby, showed off a video of his new daughter, admitting he struggled to articulate how in love he was with the infant.

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"I've tried putting words to this but keep erasing them cause nothing says it," Smith wrote. "For now, I’ll just say thank you Jesus for the precious gift of life and unconditional love. Virginia Rose is perfect inside out. And so is her mom."

Smith previously opened up about becoming a parent for the first time, and why they decided to be surprised at the birth to find out if they had a boy or a girl.

"It doesn't make me nervous," Smith told "It just kind of keeps me, I don't think engaged is the right word, 'cause I've been engaged the whole time with the whole pregnancy and the process with Christy. But it also keeps me – and I don't want to say excited about it either, 'cause I've been excited about it, but here's something it does that, if you don't know what's coming, you kind of feel like you're more in tune and having to pay attention to the every moment. Just get stuff ready either way, and be as prepared as you can in that regard, so it's actually been fun, her and I not knowing has been a lot of fun."

The 37-year-old already felt connected to his wife, but felt the bond grow even stronger after they found out they were going to be parents.

"It was such a big moment, because everything felt more finite at that point. Everything felt like we had a meaningful purpose, 'cause marriage is amazing; marriage is the coolest thing ever. But now we have a purpose behind the marriage," Smith explained.

"In addition to just her and I being partners in life, we now have a responsibility to raise a kid right," he added. "It kind of all hits you, and if you start thinking about it – at least I had nine months to let it sink in, too. I've done the whole, up and down with my emotions the whole time, and you're never ready."


Smith just dropped his latest single, "Pour Decisions." Download it on iTunes.

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