Brad Paisley Reaches out to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. After Plane Crash

Brad Paisley is reaching out to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. after the race car driver, his wife, Amy, and 1-year-old daughter, Isla, were involved in a plane crash in Elizabethton, Tennessee on Thursday, Aug. 15. Paisley, a long time fan of Earnhardt, Jr., shared his well wishes, along with a photo of himself donning a baseball cap with the former racer's number 88.

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"To the [Dale Jr.] family, our prayers, and glad you’re out safe, get well!" Paisley wrote.

Remarkably, everyone on the plane, including the two pilots, escaped without serious injury. Investigation into the crash is ongoing.

Paisley and Earnhardt, Jr. have been friends for quite some time. In 2017, while the NASCAR star was on his own JR Nation Appreci88ion Tour, he invited Paisley to perform. The concert was filmed for a Trackside Live segment that aired on the NASCAR website.

Paisley is back at radio with "My Miracle." The song, from an upcoming, still-untitled new album, was written by Paisley about his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

“I can be a little ornery when it comes to writing love songs," Paisley said in a statement about the song, which was co-written with veteran songwriter, Gary Nicholson. "I don’t typically put it all out there, but in this one I did. This is the most powerful statement I think I can make. The one I wrote it for, she is my worst critic typically, but in this case I think I got it right.”

Paisley also opened up about the song on social media after it was released, praising his wife's influence in his own life.

"There's a long list of men who became much better people because of a woman, who found their faith, who found who they were supposed to be, whose lives were saved because of a woman in their lives," Paisley shared. "I feel like I'm one of those men. That's what this song is about."

The West Virginia native doesn't know when his next record will be released, but he's already excited about the songs that will be on the project.

"I've been working with Dann Huff on this new stuff a lot," Paisley revealed on Electric Barnyard. This new song that we just gave you is produced by Dann Huff and Luke Wooten. That's an added element, because Dann is a guitar player, so guitar-wise, I feel like I'm focusing in on that in a way that I haven't in the past as an additional voice, if that makes any sense.


"Like on this song, on 'My Miracle,' I feel like the guitar is a secondary lyric almost to this track," he continued. "The guitar is a big part of it. It's sort of speaking in between the lines a little bit. In that sense, there's a lot of room for me there. I've done a lot of guitar things over the years, but it's fun to figure out a new path on that."

Photo Credit: Getty images / Daniel Knighton