Jason Aldean Boasts About Dressing Daughter Navy in Adorable New Photo

Jason Aldean dressed his daughter, Navy Rome, and he's pretty proud of himself, not because he managed to get clothes on his 3-month-old, but because of what she is wearing.

(Photo: Instagram/jasonaldean)

"Clearly dad dressed her today. Showing off her Georgia roots," Aldean said alongside a photo of his daughter wearing a onesie that said "Greetings from Georgia," and using the peach emoji and Navy Rome as a hashtag.

This isn't the first time this week that Aldean has shared a photo of his little girl. He recently posted a picture of Navy beside her big brother, 18-month-old Memphis.

"These two could not be more different!" Aldean captioned the picture, showing Memphis chewing on a hairbrush and Navy relaxing. "1 wild child and one laid back lil mama. This picture tells the whole story!"

(Photo: Instagram/jasonaldean)

Aldean's wife, Brittany Aldean, also chimed in on the photo, saying, "My angel babies. Mems looks like dad, acts like mom. Navy... looks like dad, acts like dad [100 percent]. Love u baby daddy."

The "Rearview Town" singer is currently on his Ride All Night Tour, with Kane Brown and Carly Pearce serving as his opening acts. The tour, which marks Aldean's ninth cross-country headlining trek, is, according to Aldean, one of the best he has ever put on.

"I'm always excited for the tour, to change things up" Aldean told ABC News. "We get a new design for the stage, and get to go out with new stuff. It's like Christmas morning for us."

"We get to walk out, we've got new lighting, new stuff," he continued. "It's fun. You know, it's like being on a playground for us. And it makes the shows fun. I doesn't feel like we're doing the same thing we did last year."

Aldean is currently working on a new album, which is why he gave the Ride All Night Tour its unique name.

"'Ride All Night' is one of the songs on the record. I don't even really know what the hell it means," Aldean said. "It's just a cool name for the tour."

"We don't have a new album out," he continued. "So when it came to the name of the tour, it wasn't like we had a new album to launch. So it was just like, 'All right, what are some of the song titles?'... But it just sounded like, 'All right, that's a cool name for a tour.'"


Find dates at Aldean's website.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Steven Ferdman