Thomas Rhett Shares Glimpse of Family Life on the Road in 'Life Changes' Video

Thomas Rhett's life has certainly changed in the past year, with the singer and wife Lauren Akins welcoming daughter Willa Gray from Uganda last spring and Akins giving birth to daughter Ada James in August.

Now, the couple is parents to a 2-year-old and a 10-month old, so it's safe to say things are a now quite a bit different for Rhett when he's on the road.

To commemorate that change, the 28-year-old has released the video for his latest single, "Life Changes," featuring behind-the-scenes footage of his current Life Changes Tour, including a few sweet family moments featuring Akins and the girls.

The video arrived on July 10 and shares plenty of adorable clips, including Rhett and Akins hand in hand backstage, the proud parents giving Ada James a kiss, Willa Gray getting a ride on her dad's shoulders and the 2-year-old practicing her dancing skills as her mom and sister look on.

Other shots document Rhett working on his fitness while on tour with Akins, as well as plenty of concert footage, including flashes of his daughters watching their dad on stage.

While most of the song focuses on Rhett's past, the ending finds him discussing the present — or at least the present he was living in while writing the track.

"I'm gonna have to write some new verses!" Rhett cracked backstage at the 2018 CMA Music Festival, via The Boot. "Probably in five years, I'm gonna be talking about my sixth kid that's on the way. More than likely."

Rhett has already changed the lyrics of the song once, editing the bridge to reflect Ada James' arrival.

Instead of announcing that "Lauren's showing," a version of the song released to radio now reads, "Now there's Willa / and sweet Ada James / That's two under two / Hey what can I say."


"That song is definitely one of those songs that's just in-the-moment, and I kind of just wrote it because it was what I was going through," Rhett shared of the track. "I never in a million years thought it would be a single. So I'm super excited that we get to put it out."

Photo Credit: Apple Music