Carrie Underwood Catches the Eye of CMT Music Awards Viewers With 'Glitter Tears'

Carrie Underwood has taken her new single "Cry Pretty" to heart, showing off her now-signature glitter face makeup during her performance at Wednesday's CMT Awards.

The country superstar first debuted the look, which features large pieces of glitter surrounding her eyes, on the "Cry Pretty" song art, and has since rocked it during both the CMT Awards and her appearance on American Idol last month.

It's gotten to the point where fans are beginning to adopt the look themselves. But while some fans are still enthusiastic about the style development, others have grown tired of the shtick.

They took to Twitter to discuss the look during Wednesday's performance.

Underwood released the song, which she wrote as part of a yet-to-be-released album with Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna and Liz Rose, in April.

“Hillary came in with the title and a few lines and we all just loved it,” Underwood said in a press release at the time. “I mean we’re all women in different places in our lives and kind of have all lived different lives and from different places, but we all love music and we all love sharing our heart in our music. Off we went.

"I left that day so excited and feeling so good about and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it, as an artist and also as a producer," she continued. "So, it’s come a long way since the day we wrote it, but it’s something I’m very proud of.”

She also touched upon "Cry Pretty" in particular.

"The first single is a song I love so much and can’t wait to share with you," Underwood says. "The title refers to when emotions take over and you just can’t hold them back. It really speaks to a lot of things that have happened in the past year and I hope when you hear it, you can relate those feelings to those times in your life. It’s emotional. It’s real. And it ROCKS!"


It truly does!

Photo credit: Twitter / @cmt