Kelsea Ballerini Jokingly Calls out Kelly Clarkson

When The Voice premiered its supersized Super Bowl commercial, Kelsea Ballerini noticed a bit of a similarity to one of her own music videos.

The country singer joked on Twitter that Kelly Clarkson, who is serving as a judge on the upcoming season of the NBC show, took a little inspiration from her own video for “Peter Pan,” in which she wore a dress with a very long train.

In The Voice’s commercial, Clarkson also wore a dress with a “really, really, really long fabric train” prompting Ballerini to joke that Clarkson was making fun of her.

kelly clarkson the voice
(Photo: YouTube / The Voice)
kelsea ballerini peter pan
(Photo: YouTube / KelseaBalleriniVEVO)

While Clarkson's dress was black and she was walking through a field and Ballerini's ensemble was blue and the singer was standing in a desert, it's hard to deny the similarities between the images, though Clarkson's flowing fabric was a result of CGI while Ballerini's train was real.

“If you’re gonna get made fun of, better hope it's the Queen," she tweeted.

Clarkson responded to let Ballerini know that while the train wasn’t exactly her idea and that she hadn’t even seen the video for “Peter Pan,” she did recognize the similarities between the two looks.

Still, she added that had she actually been inspired by Ballerini’s work, she would have let her know.

“I just watched your video and I’m dying laughing because it does appear as if we were poking fun at you,” the American Idol winner wrote. “You’re my girl! I would have at least told you beforehand.”

Clarkson will kick off her stint on The Voice when the show’s fourteenth season premieres on Feb. 26.

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