Exclusive Premiere: David Fanning Releases 'Lovers' Video

David Fanning is giving PopCulture.com readers the first look at the video for "Lovers," his latest single. The song is the title track of the second of four EPs that Fanning is releasing over the course of the next several months.

The video shows Fanning falling in love while he sings lines like, "We could be thunder, we could be fire / We could be on top of the sky, only higher /We could be cool, we could be us / Yeah we could be lovers." The song continues the story Fanning tells through the four projects, showing the stages of a relationship from beginning to end.

"We have a series of four EPs that come out this year," Fanning reveals to PopCulture.com. "Dreamers, then went on to Lovers and then coming out later this year is Liars and Strangers. So four songs per EP and it's basically the life cycle of a relationship, and it's very real to me. We're on Lovers right now, and it's going so well that a lot of the pop outlets have reached out. They're like, 'We need an EDM version.' So we dropped an EDM version of it and they're running with it. It's crazy now how music works. It's like we've got our country version is how I wrote it and now we have the EDM version and it's reaching more people."

Asked if "Lovers," and the rest of the songs EPs, were autobiographical, Fanning admits there are a lot of parallels to his own life in the songs.

"It's pretty real," Fanning concedes. "On each EP that's coming out I've still got a couple songs to write for each EP and I'm trying to decide how real to be. It's a choice you have to make – what people would care about, what people don't care about too. So we'll see, we'll see how real I get."

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Photo Credit: Instagram/DavidFanning