'The Sandlot' Star Enters Guilty Plea: Update on Tom Guiry's Case

'The Sandlot' star appeared in court and made his plea.

UPDATE: Actor Thomas Guiry faced his day in court over his arrest back in June, pleading guilty to the violent incident. According to WBTW 13 in South Carolina, Guiry delivered his at the close of the month in connection the incident where he allegedly went to a neighbor's house carrying a knife and threw a 35-pound dumbbell through the window of a Jeep.

Guiry pleaded guilty to charges of assault and battery, disorderly conduct, and malicious damaging. The actor was ordered to pay $757 in fines. He was credited with time served following his arrest.

Victim statements in court revealed neighbors called 911 three times, with WBTW calling it "two hours of chaos and yelling and screaming." The one victim also confirmed that Guiry came to their door with a knife and followed her inside with the knife still in hand. Guiry and his wife left the courthouse together, with no comment on the verdict with the media. The original story continues below.


The Sandlot star Tom Guiry was visibly upset at the moment when he allegedly brought a barbell down on the window of a  white-hooded Jeep in the driveway, all filmed on a home camera. According to TMZ, Guiry allegedly was arrested on a disturbance call and was found in the middle of the street when they arrived.

A second video captures a scarier moment with Guiry allegedly wielding a knife while ringing the doorbell and threatening the unnamed Jeep owner inside the home. He ended up being arrested, though not before apologizing for the incident to the Jeep owner once police arrived.

"Really? My window's been shattered," the neighbor yells at Guiry. "That sucks man, I'll pay you back, I'm sorry, I'm gonna get you back," he responds, later adding. "I did it. I'm sorry man. I'm coming back to get you ... I ... sorry brother, I'll pay you back."

For those who might be new to The Sandlot and just love domestic disturbances caught on tape, Guiry is best known as Smalls, the character at the center of the film who ends up joining other boys at the local sandlot to play baseball after moving to Los Angeles in 1962.

Guiry was arrested back in 2013 after allegedly trying to kick and headbutt a police officer in Texas. He was trouble-free since then, even reuniting with his former Sandlot co-stars for a charity baseball game in Florida back around Christmas.