'SNL' Alum Leslie Jones Rips Donald Trump's 'F—ing Embarrassing' Speech About Alleged Election Fraud

SNL alum Leslie Jones is dubbing President Donald Trump’s Wednesday speech about the presidential election a "f–ing" embarrassment. The 46-minute speech, which was pre-recorded and shared to Facebook, featured the president continuing to make unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud and declaring that a "revote' could happen if the Supreme Court did "what's right for our country." As MSNBC documented the numerous falsehoods, Jones took to Twitter with one of her now-viral videos.

In the clip – shared in a tweet that said, "This is F–ING EMBARRASSING!!" – Jones blasted Trump’s comments, stating, "you know how sad you look, you f–ing stupid f–ing child?" She went on to say that Trump was "up here with a chart you can't even read," adding that "he don't know what the f– that chart say." Addressing her followers, she went on to state, "I can't believe anybody that's a fan of me can't look at this stupid mother–er and not be f–ing embarrassed. I'm so f–ing embarrassed. Can we cut off access to the other countries that are seeing this type of s–?"

Jones – who joined Saturday Night Live in 2014 as a writer and went on to become a fan-favorite thanks to her appearances on "Weekend Update" as herself before exiting the series in 2019 – has spent much of the 2020 presidential election cycle providing commentary. Filming her TV screen while providing a running commentary, her videos gained popularity during the presidential debates, especially when she joined the crowds of people enthusiastically cheering on NBC journalist Steve Kornacki.

Her reaction to Trump's speech proved just as popular as her past videos, with one person asking, "when did Leslie Jones become my personal anger translator?" Another person expressed their relief that they are not "the only person who screams at their tv like this every day [and] night."

During the Wednesday speech, which Trump said "might be the most important speech I've ever made," the president reiterated his claims of election fraud and irregularities, though he again failed to provide any evidence. Claiming that millions of votes in swing states were cast illegally, of which there is no proof, he said that "the results of the individual swing states must be overturned and overturned immediately." He also accused Democrats of wanting "to steal the 2020 election" via a "colossal expansion of mail voting" that he claimed "opened the floodgates to massive fraud." The speech came just a day after Attorney General William Barr said that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud or systemic corruption that would alter the outcome of the election.