Singer Arrested for Road Rage

Police in Chandigarh, India arrested Punjabi singer Kamal Khaira and another man for alleged road rage outside Panjabi University on May 12. Khaira and the other man, identified only as Randhir, allegedly assaulted a car driver near a gate that at around 10:20 p.m. that night, police said. Although the victim thought Khaira and Randhir may have been intoxicated, a medical examination found they were not, according to authorities. The suspects have been released on bail.

The victim was identified as Hardik Ahluwalia of Mohali, India reports Indian Express. Officials found "blunt injuries" on Ahluwalia's body during a medical examination. The alleged victim told police he and his friends were driving home in his car when they reached one of Panjab University's gates. A car with a Mohali registration was being driven recklessly and hit his car, Ahluwalia told police.

After Ahluwalia stopped his car, Khaira and another person got out of their car and allegedly started the dispute before fleeing the scene. "As we received a complaint, we verified the facts and lodged an FIR [first information report]. The singer, Kamal Khaira, and his accomplice Randhir were arrested. Later, they were released on regular bail," a police officer told Indian Express.

Khaira has not publicly commented on the situation. He has over 426,000 followers on Instagram, where he recently posted a selfie in his Instagram Story. According to Punjabi Celebrities, he was born in Patiala, India, and graduated from Punjabi University, Patiala. He began recording in 2014 and scored a hit with "Selfian" in 2015. His other songs include "Sahei," "Din Purane," "Wardaat," "Yaar Pushde," and "Jhory Yaar" with Harpi Gill.


There have been many cases of road rage involving celebrities in the past. In one case in 2019, Mexican actor Pablo Lyle punched Juan Richardo Hernandez, 63, after he was cut off on his way to the Miami International Airport with his family. Hernandez suffered a skull fracture, which caused internal bleeding. Days after the incident, Hernandez died from his injuries. Lyle was charged with manslaughter. He now lives at his sister's house in Miami. In April, a Miami-Dade judge set his new bond at $45,000, and must continue wearing a GPS ankle monitor, reports NBC Miami. Lyle claims he acted in self-defense. There is another hearing in the case scheduled for June 23.