Mario Lopez Likes to Think of Himself as a 'Big Brother' More Than a 'Dad' on 'Saved By the Bell' Reboot (Exclusive)

Fans of Saved By the Bell are ecstatic there's a reboot on the way and so is A.C. Slater himself, actor Mario Lopez. Stepping back into his old shoes with the upcoming new series, Lopez is excited for fans to see the new cast join some of the original members of the hit show. In an exclusive interview with, Lopez says that him getting back into character is like "riding a bike" and this time, since he's a little bit older than he was on the original show, being surrounded by some younger cast members, he sees himself more as a "big brother" than as a "dad."

"It was cool, it was like riding a bike, kind of picking up where you left off. Obviously, I'm a lot older... I'd like to think I'm more of a big brother other than a dad," Lopez joked to PopCulture. "I'm more like a big brother to all of them, but they like to tease me and we go back and forth [but] they're all a bunch of sweet kids." While Lopez couldn't share too many details about the highly anticipated new season, he did say that fans of the original show will definitely appreciate some parts of the reboot since there will be a few "nods to the past," but that fans can expect "a very updated, edgier version of the show." While it's nothing "naughty" per se, it will just be "a little more hip and edgy."

The revival's premiere date was set for 2020, however, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's now been pushed back. Lopez revealed that they were only two episodes away from being done with the entire first season. But since everyone was forced to stay home, they've had to put things on hold. "We were only two episodes away from being done with the first season, so I'm anxious to wrap it up and get it out there," he said.

While Lopez played one of the coolest kids in high school as Slater, in real life, his wife Courtney Mazza definitely credits him to being a "cool dad" to their two children, Dominic and Gia. "He's a cool dad," Mazza suggested before Lopez chimed in with, "[The] kids don't think so," before she reassured him by saying, "They will later!"

Both Lopez and Mazza have had to shift things around in their schedule lately to conform to the new style of living due to being quarantined. Lopez spoke highly of his wife on how busy she's been staying active with the kids, while trying to play teacher to them as well. Despite both of their schedules being busier then ever, even though they're working from home more these days, something else on their agenda is to give fans a free, virtual salsa dance lesson on behalf of Tostitos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.


"We're gonna get them ready!" Lopez and Mazza said when asked if they already had their dance moves down. "We are happy to be partnering up with Tostitos for our 'Salsa for Cinco' Salsa dancing event. [...] It's going to raise funds for the Latino community which is one of the communities that's been the hardest hit by the pandemic, and Tostitos is gonna kick it off by donating $100,000 and for every person who joins a live stream, they're going to donate an additional $5."

Fans can tune in on Lopez's Instagram page for a livestream Tuesday, May 5 at 7 p.m. ET. Funds raised will benefit UnidosUS, America's largest Latino advocacy organization. "So we're raising money, having a good time, it can be a little party/date night and we encourage people to join us and have fun!" Lopez concluded.