Roseanne Barr Spotted at Music Festival Days After Profane Rant Against Photographer

Roseanne Barr was seen at a music festival in Los Angeles just a few days after a profanity-laced argument with a photographer was caught on tape.

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On Sunday, The Daily Mail published photos of the 65-year-old Barr with her boyfriend, composer Johnny Argent, at the event Saturday. Barr was seen dancing with Argent. She tried to avoid garnering attention by wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. Barr also wore a shirt with an image of Blondie's Debbie Harry printed on it, and was drinking red wine at the festival.

Barr and Argent were also photographed going to a fabric store on their way home.

The photos were taken two days after the Daily Mail published a video of a photographer asking Barr questions, while Barr filmed the encounter on her iPhone. The man and Argent got into an argument after he started following the couple.

Barr accused the man of "attacking" Argent and lying about voting for President Donald Trump.

"I know you're lying about being a Trump supporter, you're a f—ing Hillary supporter, don't lie," Barr told the man.

Barr has continued to find herself in headlines, months after ABC cancelled Roseanne following a racist tweet she published in May. The comedian compared former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to the offspring of Planet of the Apes characters and the Muslim Brotherhood, but she has insisted she is not racist.

In an interview with Mehmet Oz on Dr. Oz last week, Barr claimed her African American family members and comics called her to share their support.

"The first people who called me were my African-American family members and comics. They thought it was a joke and were defending free speech when they called me," she said. "My experience with African-Americans is they're the most forgiving people in the world. Their whole culture is very forgiving … they forgave … they continue to improve in this country after the history of this country."

Barr also told Oz she plans to leave the U.S. and move to Israel. She also plans to become fluent in Hebrew.

"Oh, yeah, I don't want to be around, because I, you know, I'll get drawn into a negative thing of defending myself or being angry for being mischaracterized and, you know, I don't. I want to stay away from it. I want to stay in a joyous, positive, happy place that I've worked my way to again in my life," Barr told Oz.

Barr said in another interview that her Roseanne character will be killed off by an opioid overdose to explain her absence from the spin-off The Conners.


The Conners debuts at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Oct. 16 on ABC.

Photo credit: Rachel Luna/Getty Images