John Singleton Admirers Mourn '2 Fast 2 Furious,' 'Boyz n the Hood' Director in Wake of His Death

In the wake of his death, John Singleton's fans and admirers are mourning the death of the 2 Fast 2 Furious and Boyz n the Hood director.

The famed director suffered a stroke on April 17 and had been hospitalized ever since.

On Monday, his family made the difficult decision to take him off life. A short while later he passed away, and fans have been taking to social media to share messages of sympathy.

"John Singleton penned the movies that inspired and raised a generation of blacks. He worked and created a template that showed and celebrated our culture. Rest In Peace," one person commented.

"All of Black Hollywood will be at that funeral. Even if you didn’t have a chance to work with John Singleton I’m sure you were inspired by his creations and vision," another fan said.

"I'm glad to have experienced John Singleton as a director, and narrator. I hope his family has peace with his passing. I am long overdue to spin up Boyz just to listen to his narrative if not the dialog. RIP John Singleton, you made one heck of an impression on me," someone else wrote.

"RIP John Singleton. Thank you for being one of the greatest black directors ever and making iconic films that'll be an staple to the black culture forever," another person said.

A number of celebrities have commented on Singleton's passing as well, with Jordan Peele expressing his sorrow when premature reports of Singleton's death began circulating earlier in the day.

"RIP John Singleton. So sad to hear. John was a brave artist and a true inspiration. His vision changed everything," Peele said.


"Rest up John Singleton. We never met, but 'Remember The Time; literally changed my life. Thank you so much. God Bless you," Chance the Rapper added.

Singleton is survived by his parents, as well was seven children.