Here's What Richard Branson's Hurricane Irma Bunker Looks Like

Hurricane Irma, the new storm that has quickly become one of the most powerful in Atlantic history, is currently barrelling through the islands of the Caribbean. Residents in the storm's path either evacuated their homes or battened down the hatches, and billionaire Richard Branson is part of the latter group.

The founder of Virgin took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to reveal that he and his family were preparing for the impact of Hurricane Irma. The Bransons have a concrete wine cellar beneath their house and they're ready to wait out the storm.

Not long after announcing the storm had almost arrived, Branson shared a photo of the entire family holed up in the cellar, and things seem a bit more comfortable than you'd imagine.

Complete with bunk beds, windows, a TV and a couch, the Branson wine cellar looks a little more like a luxury overnight camp than a bunker in a hurricane.


Along with the photo, Branson posted that the big family "sleepover" made him feel like a kid again, and that he had a "wonderful team" to wait out the storm with.