Exclusive: David Duchovny Welcomes Abduction by Alien 'Motherf—ers'

(Photo: Facebook / X-Files)

David Duchovny’s career will forever be tied to extraterrestrials due to his X-Files role as FBI agent Fox Mulder. So what if the actor/musician had the opportunity to face alien beings on earth?

In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Duchovny said he would prefer alien abduction to peering behind the curtain of Area 51.

"I'd rather be abducted,” he said with a laugh, channeling his X-Files character’s embrace of the unknown. "I'd have like a one-on-one experience with the motherf—ers.”

On what he would do afterwards, Duchovny, who just released his second album of original music, added he would take whatever went down in the spaceship and turn it into new material.

"I think I could get some good songwriting out of the abduction,” he playfully added. "I feel like could get a whole album out of it.”

As for his on-screen alien encounters, Duchovny is in the midst of his second season of FOX’s X-Files revival. The season has been provided more of the unearthly thrills fans love, but it has also been filled with off-screen discussion regarding co-star Gillian Anderson’s planned exit from he show.

Duchovny is less concerned about the exit and wishes fans would focus on the “kick-ass” extraterrestrial tales the X-Files team has pieced together for the season.

"To me, it's unfortunate that's kind of like 'the headline' because, to me, the headline is: We just made 10 really kick-ass episodes of television, and please enjoy and don't mourn the death of this show quite yet," Duchovny said.


Duchovny's new solo album, Every Third Thought, is now available on PledgeMusic and Spotify. He can also be seen on The X-Files, which airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

Photo Credit: FOX / Eric Millner