Country Star Trace Adkins Opens up About 'Heart' of New Movie 'Bennett's War' (Exclusive)

War is absolute hell, but the subject matter with all its patriotism stemming from dozens of stories over the years can make for some incredibly heroic, touching tales that make audiences reflect and cry, while dropping you right in the middle of the action. It's also what attracted country superstar, Trace Adkins to star in the new film, Bennett's War, alongside a string of other talented actors, including Michael Roark and Allison Paige.

In an interview with about the film — hitting theatres at the end of this month — Adkins opened up about the experience of shooting the movie and his role in the all-American, stars and stripes tale.

"I play Marshall's dad [Cal Bennett]," Adkins told exclusively at the movie premiere in Nashville, Tennessee. "Supportive but at the same time very cautious and not quite sure if I should be aiding him in this thing he's trying to do. You know, trying to get back into motocross racing ... but [I] end up giving in because I see he's gonna do it one way or another so I might as well help the kid out."

Marshall (Roark) is a young soldier who survives an IED explosion during combat for the Army overseas. He was a part of the Motorcycle Unit and ends up being medically discharged due to sustaining injuries — a broken back and leg. However, now he can't walk and is faced with new challenges for every day living. When he gets back home to his family's farm, he notices that his father Cal is struggling to make ends meet, so he does the unthinkable: he becomes a motocross racer in order to help his family out financially.

"Well, I just like the whole message of the movie," Adkins admitted when asked why he was intrigued to join the cast. "You know, the indomitable spirit. This guy being told that he would never ride again, and then you know, he's gonna prove everybody wrong and it's just one of those feel good stories, you know?"

Roark — who's known for his roles in Magic Mike, Dolphin Tales and the Beauty and the Beast series, stars as the film's lead role. When hopping on board to work on this project, he described the moment he knew he wanted to portray this role was when he felt "the need for him [Marshall]."

"You get a visceral feeling when you read a script," Roark explained to "It's not always there, but sometimes. When I read this one ... just the need for him. I thought the idea with Marshall, he's a guy trying to get back home. Not so much physically, but spiritually. Also ... his body. It's something I just found, it just really really connected with me. I'm really hooked into it and I liked the opportunity to really try and represent military and motocross. There's just a lot of heart in this story."


Adkins, who is known for supporting U.S. troops says he enjoyed the fact that real soldiers were used to make this film.

Bennett's War hits theaters Aug. 30.