Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Takes Son Greyson to Chiropractor for Speech Delay Treatment

Jenni 'JWoww' Farley is seeking further treatment for her son Greyson's speech delay problems.The [...]

Jenni "JWoww" Farley is seeking further treatment for her son Greyson's speech delay problems.

The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star revealed earlier this year that her and soon-to-be ex husband Roger Mathews' 2-year-old son had not started speaking yet and could not understand a lot of words. At the time she said he was undergoing therapy.

Farley gave an update on her son's condition in a new YouTube video Friday, which showed her taking the toddler to his first visit with chiropractor, Dr. Lynn Bauchiero, at Thompson Healthcare & Sports Medicine in Toms River, New Jersey, as first reported by E! News.

According to the outlet, some studies have connected chiropractic treatment to a potential solution to speech and developmental delays.

"She is going to try and give Bobby a nice session because I heard that it actually helps with speech," JWoww said in the video.

"Obviously, having a 2-year-old that doesn't speak and that doesn't understand words, say 'Hey Bubby, we're about to get adjusted,' he thinks it's a game right now," she continued.

In the video, the chiropractor can be seen examining Greyson as he lays on his mother's chest. She later can be seen handling his back and neck.

"I'm just trying everything when it comes to his overall health," Farley said. "Therapies, occupational, behavioral."

"This is just, I would say, part one of Greyson's journey, getting adjusted," she added. "We'll definitely check back in in a few months after I give Greyson one or two visits a week to really get him going, especially with his early intervention. He's not having no more sugar, no more gluten, a bunch of other things he's not having — that he really hates his mother for, but it is what it is."

The reality star first spoke of the subject back in August after it was brought up in a new episode of the MTV reality series.

"To everyone that tuned into [Jersey Shore] last night and messaged, commented etc about [Greyson Mathews] with similar stories or just showing love I can't thank you enough," the reality star began the lengthy Instagram post.

"As a mother, I will go to the moon and back for my kids... no question. I live my life differently because of them. To find our Greyson is 'behind' or 'delayed' crushed me... but only for a moment... that moment came from wanting to have 'perfect children' and 'how could happen to me?'... but Grey is PERFECT and it CAN happen to anyone."

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