Cardi B Arrested and Charged After Strip Club Incident

Cardi B was reportedly arrested in New York City on Monday morning in connection with a fight that [...]

Cardi B was reportedly arrested in New York City on Monday morning in connection with a fight that took place in a strip club back in August.

Cardi turned herself in to police on Monday morning, according to a report by TMZ. She was officially arrested and charged with two misdemeanors — assault and reckless endangerment. The rapper was fingerprinted and had her mugshot taken, and was later recorded leaving the police station with a smile on her face. The video shows Cardi getting back into her car with the assistance of her security advisors, though it was unclear whether she had posted bail.

The arrest warrant stemmed back to a fight at Angels Strip Club in Queens, New York on Aug. 15. There, two sisters, identified as Jade and Baddie Gi, worked as bartenders. Cardi had reportedly been led to believe that Jade had slept with her husband, Offset, leading to a long feud.

Cardi was reportedly at the club in August because Migos was performing there. After encountering the Gi sisters in real life, she allegedly ordered members of her posse to attack them. Both sisters were hurt in the ensuing scuffle, which reportedly began with a thrown drink. Ultimately, the fight came to include bottles, chairs and at least one hookah. Afterward, both sisters refused medical assistance.

Cardi's camp insists that nothing about this fight was premeditated. Representatives for the rapper said that the whole thing began with a random thrown drink, and did not stem back to some devious plan.

The Gi sisters' lawyer, Joe Tacopina, disagrees. He told TMZ that Cardi's dislike for his clients has gotten out of hand, and that the 25-year-old rapper falsely believes she is impervious to legal ramifications.

"She continues to threaten them and clearly thinks her celebrity status is going to get her out of this," Tacopina said. "But it doesn't matter if her name is Cardi B or Carl B... if she commits violent assaults she will be brought to justice."

Cardi and Offset's struggles with infidelity are no secret. The couple has been in the headlines a lot for their whirlwind romance, secret marriage and apparent cheating scandal. Back in April, Cardi revealed that she was pregnant while performing on Saturday Night Live. As she showed her baby bump on TV for the first time, she sang her now-infamous song "Be Careful," a thinly veiled call out to Offset, detailing his indiscretions.