Selfie Kid Picked up '8,000 More Followers' After Justin Timberlake Super Bowl Photo

After Justin Timberlake jumped into the audience and danced with a 13-year-old fan during his halftime show at Super Bowl LII, the internet-dubbed "selfie kid" says he gained 8,000 Snapchat followers overnight.

Ryan McKenna didn't expect to become an internet sensation Sunday night, but his Monday appearance on Good Morning America proved his popularity levels are now soaring.

“Last night I got 8,000 more followers on Snapchat,” he told the hosts of GMA, adding that “It was definitely a great opportunity. This was insane.”

"It was crazy," McKenna said. The seventh-grader from Hingham, Massachusetts also added that he had no idea what was even going on in the second half of the game because “all the media just rushed me and it was crazy.”

He said that although he had been informed he was sitting in a "special" section at the game, he had no idea he'd be dancing with Timberlake to "Can't Stop the Feeling" at the half.

"He just came up and I just jumped right in there with him,” the 13-year-old said.

McKenna also explained what was going on when he appeared to be more interested in his phone than with Timberlake's presence.

“I had a video going and my phone shut off, that’s why I was on my phone,” he said, adding that Timberlake is his “favorite singer.”

"I love him,” he said. “He’s like my favorite singer, so I had to get a selfie with him.”

“Everyone thinks it’s so cool,” he continued, explaining that his friends can’t stop texting him about it.

Social media quickly made McKenna's selfie post into a meme, dubbing him #SelfieKid. One of the best memes came from NBC show This is Us, which jokingly posted McKenna looking at his phone searching "What happens to Jack Pearson?"

Aside from those with "Selfie Kid," Timberlake made plenty of headlines with his performance. While many were pleased watching at home, the arena was virtually silent during the pop singer's performance. There was a brief moment where fans thought he had reunited with his former boy band *NSYNC, but it turned out to only be similar-looking back-up dancers.

Later in the performance, he sat at a piano as a projection of Prince appeared along a tall drape behind Timberlake. Despite initial backlash from Prince's family a day prior, the pop singer's brother had given the sign of approval to Timberlake prior to the show. Timberlake and the recording of the Grammy Award-winning icon sang a rendition of "I Would Die 4 U."