Study Released About Men's Opinions on Affordable Birth Control, Women Everywhere Groan

(Photo: Twitter / @dwnews)

If you just heard a collective sigh from women across America, unfortunately, your ears aren’t deceiving you.

The latest evidence adding fuel to the War on Women fire, comes in the form of a survey published in a recent study by non-partisan polling group, PerryUndem.

The study surveyed men of all ages on their opinions regarding reproductive health care and the results were...well, let's just say we still haven’t managed to pick our jaws up off the floor.

The survey found that, out of the 1,000 registered voters who were polled, 37 percent of males said that affordable access to birth control for women benefited men personally, while 52 percent said it did not. Those mostly likely to not see the personal benefit were over the age of 60, whereas men aged 18 to 44 were more likely to see a benefit.

That means that 52 percent of men don’t see how preventing an unplanned pregnancy personally benefits them.

That statistic is astounding, but let’s back up a second because this is about to get even more interesting. 

Overall, it should be noted that the group actually held fairly progressive views regarding reproductive health care. In fact, 80 percent of participants do believe that women should be able to have sex without fear of getting pregnant.

So what do we gather from this startling, if slightly contradictory information?

Because even though — according to the survey — most men agree that women should be able to have sex without being afraid they’ll get pregnant (e.g. birth control), half of them aren't able to see how that could possibly help them personally.

If we put this information together, we can surmise then, that half of men believe that unplanned pregnancies are solely an issue for women. 

It should also be noted, although Roe v. Wade continues to be the law of the land, states across America that swing more conservatively are pushing for stricter and stricter legislation on abortion laws every day.

So why then, with so much emphasis placed on stopping termination of unwanted pregnancy, are we not pushing to make it easier to prevent it? 

The internet had some potent reactions to the published findings.


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