10 Ways to Curb Your Appetite

When you're trying to eat healthy, there's nothing worse than that hungry feeling you get in between meals. Instead of giving into that box of donuts from this morning's meeting or running to the vending machine, try these tips to curb your appetite so you can make it to the next meal.

1. Start drinking water. When your body is dehydrated, it often presents that feeling as hunger pangs. Before reaching for a bag of chips, try a cold glass of water. There's a good chance it'll do the trick!


2. Eat more avocados. Avocados are praised for their healthy fats. Those healthy fats are called monounsaturated fats and they help tell our brain that we're full. Just remember avocados are high in calories and should be eaten in small amounts.


3. Eat protein in your breakfast. If you start your day with protein, you'll be much fuller longer. If you're worried about too many carbs, don't be! Here's a list of high-protein, low-carb breakfasts like our delicious Skinny Greek Omelet!

Greek Omelet

4. Get moving. It may sound odd, but exercise actually suppresses, not increases, appetite. If your hunger starts before lunch, try working out in the mornings. If you get hungry before bed, try exercising after work or going for an evening walk.

walking shoes

5. Drink some tea. A little after-meal tea time could solve your problems. Green tea is full of antioxidants and it will also stave off hunger. Try some tea before you run across the street to the convenience store. You'll love our Detox Green Tea!

Detox Green Tea

6. Add some grapefruit to your diet. Grapefruit can lower insulin levels in your body which can help you to avoid getting hungry. Grapefruit is hailed as one of the best foods out there for weight loss.


7. Be real with yourself. Are you actually hungry or has boredom or stress taken over? Take a moment and think it over. Maybe have a glass of water while you do. If you really are hungry, grab a small handful of almonds or an apple.


8. Eat your fiber. Fiber does a great job of keeping you full. You can try fiber supplements or just eat more fruits and veggies, which are great sources of fiber. Try eating these for your biggest fiber fixes.


9. Eat slowly. When you slow down your eating, you allow time for your brain to catch up to your stomach and figure out when you aren't hungry anymore. Try putting your fork down between each bite or chew your food longer.

pasta on fork

10. Brush your teeth. Feeling a craving coming on? Brush your teeth! You won't want to eat anything once you've got a nice minty taste in your mouth.

A young beautiful successful blonde business woman brushing her