'Modern Family' Star Julie Bowen Reveals Claire and Phil's Reaction to Haley's Pregnancy

Modern Family star Julie Bowen is ready to see Claire Dunphy play her new role as a grandmother on the ABC comedy series.

The ABC family comedy revealed in its latest episode what many fans were already speculating after the shocking death of DeDe, that Haley was pregnant with her first child. The upcoming new member of the family means that Claire and Phil (Ty Burrell) will soon become grandparents.

The show has not yet shown how Haley's parents will react to the news, Bowen herself was very excited about her character's new role.

"Grandmaaaa!" Bowen reacted to E! News. "Yeah, that's right. I'm gonna be a grandma."

Claire and Phil might not be as excited about the news as Bowen, as series co-creator Chris Lloyd told the outlet.

"They react about nine different ways, you can imagine," Lloyd said. "They're younger than people typically become grandparents, and they have a lot of misgivings about whether Haley is ready, but there are also huge echoes of their own experience getting pregnant at a time when they were not expecting it and probably felt overwhelmed by it."

Lloyd also teased that Haley (Sarah Hyland) will be feeling a lot of anxiety about telling her parents.

"I think she's aware that Dylan (Reid Ewing) is maybe not Claire's favorite, and she wants to find a way to frame this news in the best way possible," he teased. "So we do have a pretty funny episode where she makes several runs at breaking the news, and then we have a pretty big fallout from that. It looks like maybe the family has taken the news in stride, and they don't."

Lloyd also teased the news will have Claire bonding with Dylan's mother, who has some similarities to her own late mother, DeDe.

Modern Family broke the news in a rather chaotic manner, after an episode where Haley and Dylan were trying to convince themselves they were mature. When first deciding to go enjoy a date watching a play, the two are enticed to instead go to a carnival, where an incident at the bumper cars ends with Haley having a lipstick stuck to her nose.


At the emergency room, the nurse reveals that the doctors performed a blood test and she is expecting her first child, before the screen turned to black leaving Haley, Dylan and the audience stunned.

Modern Family will be on break for two due to the CMA Awards and the Thanksgiving holiday, but will be back with all new episodes Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.