'The Conners' Welcomes 'Ghostbusters' Star Dan Aykroyd for 'Blues Brothers Reunion, and Fans Had Lots to Say

The Conners' contribution to ABC's Cast of the Past Week staged a Blues Brothers 2000 reunion between John Goodman and a Saturday Night Live fan-favorite. The ABC comedy series staged one of its famous poker games at the Conner household and welcomed Dan Aykroyd for the special occasion.

Spoilers ahead for The Conners Season 2, Episode 3: "The Preemie Monologues"

In the midst of preparations for Becky (Lecy Goranson) and her baby Little Bev's release from the hospital, the family took turns to sit with the baby girl at the medical center while the mother took some time for herself, which ultimately ended with her having a breakdown at the restaurant where she works.

While the episode was mostly focused on Becky struggling with how she would handle raising her baby without any help, as well as the return of Casa Bonita owner Louise (Katey Sagal), Dan (John Goodman) took some time for himself amid the chaos to spend time with his friends.

After promising to distract Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) and keep her out of the hospital after her behavior started bothering the nurses, Dan meets with his poker buddies, including the Ghostbusters star this time around. They have a conversation about the lies they tell their wives before Jackie's arrival.

"By the way, Dan, if Ann Marie calls, this time I'm here," Chuck (James Pickens Jr.) tells Dan. "For some reason the lies led to fights."

"That's because your lies suck. You know where I am right now? At the ER with a friend. Spotty signal and I can't really talk right now because at this very moment I'm pressing my hand against his carotid artery to prevent him from bleeding out," Aykroyd's character says, inspiring laughs from the live studio audience. He also shows his friends he writes down his lies in a cheat sheet to keep them straight.

"That's a lot of work to stay in a bad marriage," Dan says. "My hat's off to you."

He later asks which friend he is supposedly saving at the hospital right now, and Aykroyd's character tells him that since he is being so funny, he will say it's him.

Fans of the comedy series loved seeing Goodman and Aykroyd back together on screen, with some hoping the cameo appearance will lead to more on the show in future episodes.


What did you think of Aykroyd's appearance? ABC's Cast from the Past will stage reunions from series like Castle, Charmed, Cheers, Girlfriends and other shows throughout this week.

The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.