Prince Charles Seemingly Snubs Shaking Hands With Vice President Pence in Video From World Holocaust Forum

Prince Charles seemingly snubbed shaking hands with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence during the World Holocaust Forum on Thursday, and video of the moment is going viral on social media. In the clip, Prince Charles is seen greeting a number of other world leaders, but skips past Pence quickly, who then gives him a friendly pat on the arm. The awkward exchange has had a number of Twitter users talking, with one person saying, "Prince Charles has sense."

"It may be because Pence is co-signing on #ConcentrationCamps in America that he didn't shake his hand at an Auschwitz liberation event. I guess he may be the King of England we all need," wrote one user.

This appears to be in reference to Pence's past history with supporting gay conversion therapy.

"Because they are not respected.. Pence, and Trump," another user said. "Both has (sic) been embarrassed when they go to anything over seas, remember the Baby Trump flying, first over seas. They should make one for Pence."

"Wow! That was cold! I am astonished - it (momentarily) wiped the perennial smirk from the [VP] face and was an absolutely damning gesture. Unusual from a member of the Royal Family, but remember that Anne refused to greet the Trumps despite the Queen's admonishment recently," someone else wrote.

It was eventually revealed that Prince Charles had actually spoken to Pence prior to the beginning of the forum, and this is likely why he chose to simply move on to greeting other leaders he had not yet addressed.


In a statement posted to his own Twitter account, Pence spoke about the tragedy of the Holocaust, writing, "Today we pause to remember what President [Donald Trump] rightly called, 'a dark stain on human history' — the greatest evil ever perpetrated by man against man in the long catalogue of human crime. Today we remember the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz."

Photo Credit: Getty Images