Jeffrey Epstein's Cause of Death Sends Conspiracy Theories Flying on Twitter

A medical examiner's official ruling on Jeffrey Epstein's death states the accused pedophile [...]

A medical examiner's official ruling on Jeffrey Epstein's death states the accused pedophile committed suicide in his cell on the morning of Aug. 10. Despite the speculation that Epstein might've been murdered and the questions surrounding staff at the jail, it would seem that Epstein suicided himself officially.

But that has not stopped people from tossing out a ton of conspiracy theories on Twitter immediately in the wake of the medical examiner's report. A sea of jokes and disbelief spread across social media after the news broke, showing just how much people believe that an Epstein suicide is some sort of cover story.

"BREAKING: Medical examiner rules Jeffrey Epstein's head explosion was normal, says 'sometimes heads just explode,'" Account pixelatedboat, the account behind Milkshake Duck, wrote.

"'[Epstein] died of suicide by strangulation, no question [about] it' says manhattan medical coroner as he drives his new Lamborghini Expensivoso onto the deck of a mysterious onyx heli-yacht," user KrangTNelson added.

"Look, they ruled Epstein's death a suicide so we should all just move on. If there's one lesson from this debacle it's to reflexively trust those in power," Doughboys host Nick Wiger said.

Other folks on Twitter took the reports of conspiracies seriously compared to the more comical members of the platform.

"It looks like Epstein's death will be an event, like the assassination of JFK or the destruction of the World Trade Center, that will cause rampant speculation for years to come," Renato Mariotti said in a more serious reaction. "The public would benefit from an independent investigation resulting in a lengthy public report."

"So let me guess Epstein's cause of death was a suicide even though there were broken neck bones found in the autopsy. Something that is a telltale sign of homicide. So what did he do, crack his own neck while screaming in his cell with his own hands?" another user added to the pile.

"In other news, the Medical Examiner's children were safely released back to him after he made that ruling," one user alleged in an example of one of the tamer extreme tweets.

So the official story is that Epstein killed himself. That will be the record and people will be able to debate it or question it for the rest of time. It now joins the JFK assassination, the Moon landing, 9/11 and other events that people will question and share conspiracies about going forward.