Murder Victim's Father Blows up Courtroom With Two Grenades During Suspect's Trial

A grieving father detonated two grenades inside of a courtroom in Ukraine on Thursday.

The man, the father of a murder victim, reportedly detonated the grenades as the hearing adjourned, the Daily Mail reports. The blast instantly killed the father and injured nine others in the courtroom located in the southern town of Nikopol. It is alleged that three of the wounded were defendants that were on trial for the 2016 shooting death of the man's son and another person.

"Today, on November 30, at 11.20, in the Nikopol court, during a hearing of the case on murder, the father of a victim pulled out two grenades and blew them up," police in Nikopol said. "Three defendants, two convoy officers, a court employee and a civilian were injured. All victims were taken to the hospital."

The powerful blast left courtroom windows bloom out, doors nearly blown off their hinges, TV screens smashed and tattered blinds hanging outside of windows. The courtroom floor was covered in blood from the injured and debris from the detonation.


Paramedics quickly rushed to the scene and began carrying victims out of the courthouse so they could seek treatment at local hospitals.