Customer Stops Fast Food Robbery By Firing Shots Through Drive-Thru Window

A customer recently stopped a fast food robbery by firing shots through the drive-thru window [...]

A customer recently stopped a fast food robbery by firing shots through the drive-thru window before speeding off.

In security camera footage from the Cozy Corner Drive-In in Santa Ana, California, the suspected robber could be seen wearing a large coat and mask while demanding money from the register.

As he takes the cash, shots begin to suddenly burst through the restaurant kitchen, as bullets are seen hitting cups and equipment.

The Daily Mail reports that the armed suspect — a 60-year-old male — was struck by by two bullets. During his attempt to flee he collapsed on the ground and was subsequently arrested.

Additionally, the suspected robber was taken to a hospital where he was treated for his gunshot wounds.

The alleged drive-thru shooter quickly drove off in a silver sedan after firing the shots, and is now sought by police for "assault with a deadly weapon."

While the shooter's motivation and actions can be speculated to have been for the purposes of safety, this shooting comes at very sensitive time as a another recent school shooting happened just before Memorial Day weekend.

On the morning of Friday, May 25, a Noblesville West Middle School student walked into his school and opened fire. Multiple people were injured, but no one was killed. The suspected shooter was detained by police shortly thereafter.

Many quickly took to social media to comment on the shooting, with Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett tweeting, "As the father of 3 kids, including a daughter in middle school, I know too well the terror every parent faces when they hear the news of yet another school shooting. We must continue to push for action that puts a stop to days like this. Indianapolis stands with Noblesville."

"Karen and I are praying for the victims of the terrible shooting in Indiana. To everyone in the Noblesville community – you are on our hearts and in our prayers," added Vice President Mike Pence. "Thanks for the swift response by Hoosier law enforcement and first responders."

This shooting came only one week after a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas where 10 people were killed. The suspected shooter in that incident was quickly taken into police custody as well and remains in jail at this time.