Bigfoot on the Move? Hikers Find Alleged Proof on UK Coastline

Is Bigfoot taking a holiday or is it some sort of escape plan?

The noble sasquatch has long been a fixture in American folklore and pop culture, but it is supposed to be an American native at the end of the day. The yeti is different for a reason folks, but your regions always have different animals with different habits. So when someone is claiming a big foot is making its way up and down the coast of England.

According to The Daily Mail, a group of walkers stumbled upon what they claim to be a big footprint belonging to the legendary cryptid. It comes from the coasts and shoes of Devon, with muddy trails and nearby woods in Watcombe capturing the evidence that places the hairy legend at the scene.

The locale might seem very strange, but The Daily Mail notes that there have been several sightings in the past twenty years. In 2006, sightings of an ape-like creature, around five feet tall with brown fur over green skin. Fifteen witnesses gave their description at the time, adding that the creature didn't have a tail. Then in 2022, sightings of a "Littlefoot" spread in the Devon area, which was noted by the director of North Devon's Centre for Fortean Zoology Jon Downes.

"I have many similar reports of such creatures being seen in Devonshire woodland," Downes said. "And this one is a real cracker because it has so much separate and credible corroboration to it."

A muddy footprint isn't evidence that will shut the case forever, but it will pique interest. It isn't a sighting of the creature itself, enjoying a nice stroll on the coast while possibly on vacation. Give him or her a little Hawaiian shirt and don't bother things.

But if you believe in Sasquatch, you will surely enjoy this development. Did the creature hitch a ride? Is it native? Did it just transport itself here? What would make people stop claiming to see Big Foot?