Telvin Smith Pleads 'Not Guilty' to Unlawful Sexual Activity With Minors Charge

Former Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith turned himself in to be arrested on April 29 [...]

Former Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Telvin Smith turned himself in to be arrested on April 29 on charges of unlawful sexual activity with certain minors. No further details were provided at the time by the Duval County Jail, but Smith's bond had been set at $50,003. Now the linebacker is pleading not guilty to the charges.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Smith's lawyer sent the not guilty plea in via mail. He waived his arraignment and right to be present at all pre-trial conferences. Unlawful sexual activity with a minor is considered to be a second-degree felony in Duval County. If convicted, Smith could face a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Smith is accused of two sexual encounters with an underage girl in 2019. These incidents allegedly took place at the linebacker's home and in his Cadillac Escalade. TMZ Sports reports that Florida officials claim that they have a considerable amount of evidence that includes DNA and text messages.

The officials say in the court documents that Smith met the alleged victim at her work in August 2019. He allegedly pursued her despite being told by the girl's co-workers that she was under 18. Additionally, the officials say that Smith allegedly had sex with the girl days later and offered her $200. The alleged victim told the authorities that she initially declined the cash but ultimately accepted $100. She reportedly used the money to buy emergency contraception.

The court documents allege that Smith told the girl "that if anyone raised concerns about them speaking, to say that Smith was serving as a 'mentor' to her." The linebacker allegedly had sex with the girl a second time in his vehicle. She ultimately told family members about the incidents, which led to the authorities being notified.

A search warrant was served at Smith's home in Queen's Harbor in November 2019, and he was seen being led away in handcuffs. There were reports at the time that this incident was related to a grow house operation being shut down, but TMZ Sports reports that the Escalade was impounded to collect DNA evidence. The court documents reportedly insinuate that the evidence collected matches the alleged victim.

Smith turned himself in to be arrested on April 29 after SWAT and undercover deputies showed up at his Queen's Harbor home. He posted his $50,003 bond later that night. A court date is currently scheduled for May 20.