Stimulus Checks: Adam Housley Slams Democrats and Republicans Over Handling of Relief Funds

Adam Housley has a message for the republicans and democrats when it comes to the stimulus checks. The former baseball player and news correspondent went to Twitter to call out both political parties for their handling of the relief funds. Housley is not happy with republicans and democrats not being on the same page.

"Again.....there is STILL money left from the last stimulus package," Housley wrote on Twitter. "The Republicans are asking for are the Dems..who want it for programs not associated with COVID. Someone is gonna have to pay for this. Many Twitter users responded to the tweet asking why more money isn't being sent their way.

"Why aren't we seeing it then?" one person wrote. "My sisters are struggling so hard right now and are desperately trying not to get evicted because they can't pay rent. They both had jobs before this all started and their unemployment has been significantly reduced since the start of last month." In another tweet, the same person wrote: "I'm see more newly homeless families than ever in my town, small business that had been around since I was a kid have gone under. The food bank is stretched thin over here. There are no jobs. What are regular folks suppose to do? I'm not understanding your statement."

After sending checks to Americans earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been talks of sending a second check soon. But as Housley mentioned, republicans and democrats have been arguing about how much to spend.


"We have said again and again that we are willing to come down [and] meet them in the middle," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of the new stimulus package deal, following a phone call with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows. "That would be $2.2 trillion. When they're ready to do that, we'll be ready to discuss and negotiate. I did not get that impression on that call. That could be a very short conversation if they're not willing to meet in the middle. We're not budging. They have to move."

Meadows previously worked for Fox News, where he was a Los Angeles-based senior correspondent. He also was a standout baseball player as he was a member of the Pepperdine team that reached the College World Series in 1992. He then spent time on in the Minor Leagues with the Montreal Expos, Milwaukee Brewers and Detroit Tigers. Housley married actress Tamera Mowry in 2011.