NASCAR Shares Photo of Denny Hamlin With Daughters Following News of Ryan Newman's Recovery Amid Daytona 500 Win

Ryan Newman has been the talk of Daytona 500 as he was in a scary crash that sent him to the hospital. Because of that, there's understandably hasn't been too much talk about Denny Hamlin, the driver who won the Dayton 500. On Wednesday, NASCAR posted a photo of Hamlin with his two daughters, Taylor James 7, and Molly, 2, at victory lane. And the feedback of the tweet was positive because fans learned that Newman walked out of the hospital with his two daughters on Wednesday.

"We can all celebrate Denny's 3rd Daytona 500 win now that we all have got the news that Ryan Newman has been treated and released and walked out holding his daughter's hands," one fan wrote. Way to go Denny, woohoo congratulations man."

"Congrats on your win!" another fan wrote. "Although I'm a fan of Ryan Newman and have been since I was a kid but it was a great race especially now that Ryan is doing well. It was close but you are the man in the Daytona 500 2020. Have a great season and be safe!"

"I am so elated that Mr. Newman has been released from the hospital," a third Twitter user added. "NOW MR. HAMILIN CAN CELEBRATE HIS 3RD....YES 3RD DAYTONA 500 WIN!!!!! congratulations sir on such a momentous accomplishment. I predict he will win 5 of these before he retires from NASCAR."

Hamlin took some heat after celebrating his win on Monday night because Newman was still being treated for his injuries. However, when Hamlin spoke to reporters about it, he said he didn't realize how serious the situation was.

"Obviously I saw him cross the race track," Hamlin said, who noted that he learned of what had happened as he was walking over to victory lane. "I didn't see the contact that the other car had when he was in the air. That's kind of a worse case scenario you can possibly have."

Hamlin then added, "We're praying for the best."


Hamlin drives for Joe Gibbs Racing and owner Joe Gibbs apologized for celebrating.

"So, I say to everybody out there, some people may have saw us and said, 'those guys are celebrating when there's a serious issue going on.' So I apologize to everybody, but we really didn't know," Gibbs said. "We got in the winner's circle, and then that's when people told us. I wanted to explain that to everyone. It makes it so hard. Such a close-knit community, you know everybody."