NASCAR: Samantha and Kyle Busch Celebrate 'Love in the Desert' in Heartwarming Photo

The NASCAR Cup Series drivers are spending time in the western portion of the United States, [...]

The NASCAR Cup Series drivers are spending time in the western portion of the United States, enjoying trips to Nevada and Arizona. Kyle Busch, the driver of the No. 18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota Camry, and his wife Samantha took advantage of the trip for a special photoshoot in the desert. They posed together for a heartwarming photo and put their love on display.

Samantha posted the photo on social media that showed her and the NASCAR driver standing on a sand dune. Busch held her in his arms as they stared lovingly into each other's eyes. "Love in the desert [cactus emoji][heart emoji]," Samantha wrote in the caption of her post. The photo sparked several comments from many people, including those that said the two were sweet together.

Samantha has continued to keep fans entertained during the early portions of the season. She has posted several photos of the family in Las Vegas, at the beach, and enjoying West Coast culinary delights. Specifically, Samantha showed her posing at In-N-Out with a Neapolitan shake while explaining that she hasn't had red meat in 22 years.

Of course, the most entertaining post for many fans was a video showing her and Busch testing their skills. The married couple asked each other a series of questions and then tried to determine "who was smarter." Busch's questions revolved around NASCAR and all aspects of professional racing. Samantha's questions, on the other hand, were about fashion.

"When you are the first car one lap down and the caution flag comes out, what happens next?" Busch asked his wife in the video. Samantha quickly responded by saying that "you are the lucky dog." She added another point to her lead and then continued to ask questions about French tucks, print names, and types of heels.

Judging by the points and number of questions asked, Busch technically won the competition. However, both he and Samantha declared themselves the champion before the video came to a close. Regardless of who actually won, the fans declared that they were "very big fans" of the trivia contest. They said that they want to see even more of these videos in the future, especially as the season continues and Busch fights for his first win of the season and the playoff spot that it secures.